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1401 SelectsellerWe lead the world in the move to advanced markets for irregular earnings. We wrote the books, policy papers and articles that defined the opportunity. We have the core technology.




Twin challenges

Launched in September 2013, Beyond Jobs is building on an enormous body of work by technology companies, think tanks, local governments, innovation funders and central government. The potential of official, high volume, markets for fragmented activity was first analysed 20 years ago. There have been two challenges in realisation:

  • Technology: these transactions are fiendishly complex in their details. But they are extremely low value. It is only now the technologies needed are viable. The core technology exists and has been tested by a wide range of organisations and individuals in the UK.
  • Policy: governments are the ideal catalyst for these markets. But they have to focus beyond traditional  job creation to play that role. This tide is finally turning: already, the UK for example is moving to a benefits system that incentivises small amounts of work if no job is available. Currently, such activity can be heavily penalised. Public service delivery, licencing and other aspects of officialdom also need to evolve towards the kinds of flexibility now possible.



How we got here

Many organisations and people have contributed to this work. Key projects over the years have been coordinated by technology journalist Wingham Rowan.

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Our targets

The Beyond Jobs programme is focused on large scale implementations of these markets. We have three objectives:

  • Further refining the technology.
  • Building partnerships with corporates, governments and bodies that can advance this vision.
  • Raising the profile of these potential markets.


We are an offshoot of the UltraFlexi social business based in London (UK) and can be contacted here.

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