The technological challenge

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Background with programIt’s hard to find markets more subjective, variable, regulated and risk-prone than irregular work. Technology to absorb all the issues is an ongoing challenge.





Complex transactions

Suppose you want a window cleaner to work their way round your small office building. You might have two or three individuals you have used in the past. In that case you might like to see which hours members of that group are available over the next few weeks. Or you might be new to the market and want an overview of who is available today, at what cost, with what track record of reliability.

shutterstock_128244212Either way, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of time on this. As with vacation packages on Expedia, you want to see all your options, priced and ranked by whatever criteria matter to you. With a couple of clicks you then expect to book.

Delivering that usefulness requires highly sophisticated technology. A search for window washers this afternoon may turn up 50 eligible individuals. Each of them could have different settings for every row on the table below. The system has to calculate who is available, willing, legally compliant and contactable in time. Then it has to fully price each one according to each seller’s rules applied to this particular requirement.

20 variables


Once you have selected your window cleaner(s) the platform behind the website you are using must ensure confirmation, handle any changes either of you require after booking and see through charging/payment/tax. Then it must segment the booking data for anonymized reporting.

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