Could governments initiate empowering new micro-markets? It’s a question at the intersection of emerging technology, business, and policy. We have spent 28 years pursuing answers.




Our inspiration

In the 1890’s as motorized vehicles appeared, New Yorker William Phelps Eno asked, “If governments enabled the best possible roads, what would they look like?”. Noodling on this, he arrived at lane markings, universal rules, standardized junctions, and coherent signage. All were revolutionary in an era of cart tracks and erratic private toll roads.

Eno plowed through setbacks, including an Illinois court ruling “Stop” signs an infringement of liberty. Then eventually, government after government recognized (a) economic growth now demanded coordinated roads (b) that required legislation.

A century later we started asking, “If governments enabled the best markets now possible what could they deliver?” Our journey has also been checkered, but in ’23/’24  the timing finally seems right. We are a team with diverse expertise based around a British non-profit with operations in the UK and US.


In this section:

History: Out of tune with the times, we focused on improving “gig work”.

What Now?: An organization to promote Modern Markets for public benefit.

Get Involved: With limited resources, it’s clear who we need to talk with.