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Solving the Markets Problem

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Economies are shaped by markets; for labor, finance, services and other essentials. But markets have evolved in ways stacked against regular people. Tackling that imbalance would turbocharge economic recovery.


A new generation of market technologies are out of sight. So, we don’t see how they’re rocketing Wall Street. Or how they’re easily used to slash pay and options for workers.

Markets matter. They allocate resources, determine costs and create winners. We can’t fully understand inequality without dissecting markets.

This evolution has been fast. So, public policy hasn’t caught up with positive possibilities for Modern Markets. Corporates could be incentivized to deliver exchanges that rebuild slumped economies by generating opportunities and income growth for millions, including the most marginalized. All at no cost to taxpayers.

We are an international, non-profit that emerged from British government programs to create better labor markets.


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