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Powerful institutions have built themselves sophisticated, deep, trustworthy, markets. Doing the same for the rest of us would solve social problems.


Markets connect users to opportunity. They evolved dramatically in the last 20 years. Global financial players collectively shaped exchanges so efficient they unlock new opportunities and mitigate risk while trading with negligible overhead.

What about markets for the 99%? Cool new ways to buy stuff won’t increase your income. What most of us sell is our time, that’s what employers pay for. How empowering are our markets?


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Once a generation, a technology with exceptional economic potency emerges. Its benefits are immediately developed by the powerful. Then a government shapes a public-utility version with a legal framework. National competitiveness drives other countries to follow.

Some examples:

  • Public water supply
  • Mass postage
  • National road networks
  • Telephone network
  • All-carriers air traffic control

Modern marketplace technologies are the latest on this list. Largely unseen, they currently underpin enormous inequality in opportunity. This site is about their next phase.


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