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GAMECHANGER: A legal framework

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So far, development of Modern Markets has been driven by the profit motive. Perhaps it’s time to unleash an equally potent force: regional competitiveness?


Moon, shots

The search for competitive advantage by countries or regions enabled the lunar landings, has started countless wars and built trade empires. It can create radical new infrastructure through legal frameworks.

Canals, electricity, roads, gas supply, postage; all started as facilities for the elite. Then a first territory created a legal framework that turned an emerging technology into taken-for-granted facilities driving broad growth and living standards. A legal framework unlocks possibilities inaccessible to even the most ambitious company; slashing costs, inverting business models and fostering stability. A public option for a new technology can be wildly popular.

We tend not to think about this kind of legislation. That’s a failure by history teachers. Legal frameworks for new technologies provided some of the most exciting hinge moments of the last 200 years. Your life now depends on them.


In this section……

→  About legal frameworks for new technologies: Ignored, opposed, then self-evident.

→  A legal framework for Modern Markets: Markets with official benefits in return for public service obligations.

→  Policy/Politics: What are the alternatives to a legal framework? And the optics?