Economic growth: inclusive, green, no-cost.

SOLUTION: Modern Markets for All

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How would Modern Markets technologies look if shaped into a regulated public utility? This section speculates.





People’s markets

Imagine explaining to a 1990’s stock trader how his industry looks today. Used to phoning round or shouting orders on an exchange floor, could he even grasp a world where algorithms write algorithms to spot emerging opportunities? The exponential rise in activity? Or the riches that accrued to firms able to transact milliseconds faster than competitors?

That is what Modern Markets have done for Wall Street. Comparable technologies for the economic base will be structured, regulated and prioritized very differently. But they could be equally transformative.

Modern Markets” and “Legal frameworks for new technologies” have each proved potent. When coupled in a first country or region they could spawn a service we call POEMs (Public Official E-Markets).


In this section:

Scope of POEMs: What does the new markets-system do?

POEMs at home: An opportunity-seeker logs-in.

POEMs in the office: A small business exploits its new facility.